Who are we ?

Rejah Rehim A A
Software Engineer, DBG

Sreenath Sasikumar
Senior Lead Engineer, DBG


What's DevSearch?
DevSearch is an ideal search solution for developers working in almost any technology. It provides various options to search your queries in about 39 technologies and 195 frameworks in multiple popular websites along with easy copy paste option called 'Magic Copy' making web search easier and better than ever before with the least number of mouse clicks.

Why DevSearch ?
We spent a lot of time searching internet for solutions. That's what inspired us to think of finding ways and means for a much better and efficient search method. We asked around to get answers from folks working in different frameworks and technologies as to what would help developers improve even better. Consolidating all the feedback, we came up with a simple solution, DevSearch and that's how it was born.

Where DevSearch?
You can install DevSearch from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/devsearch/

How DevSearch?
DevSearch includes
- General Search
- People Search
- Technology specific Search

Each of these has been provided with different options such as Level1, Level2 and Level3.

General Search

Level 1 > Search Google.
Level 2 > Searches Google + Wikipedia
Level 3 > Searches Google + Wikipedia + Yahoo

People Search

Level 1 > Search Peekyou
Level 2 > Searches Peekyou + Google
Level 3 > Searches Peekyou + Google + Yahoo 

Technology Specific Search

Choosing "Any Language"
Level 1, 2, 3 > Searches Google + Stackoverflow 

Other Technologies
Level 1 > Searches Google + Stackoverflow + Google groups
Level 2 > Searches Google + Stackoverflow + Google groups + Reference Manuals
Level 3 > Searches Google + Stackoverflow + Google groups + Reference Manuals + Code Snippets

1.  Unlike normal Google search that returns 10 results, we have configured Google search to return 100 search results. ( i.e. Equivalent to traversing ten google pages )
2. To search for/inside a specific frameworks manual, enter the name of the framework along with your search keywords.

Magic Copy
Magic Copy helps you to automatically copy the text you select in the browser to the search box, thus reducing your Ctrl+C Ctrl+V effort

Tips to use DevSearch

To make DevSearch even easier, you can club shortcut keys along with your mouse clicks.

   Alt + Q for Magic Copy
   Alt + K to focus the search box
   Ctrl + W to a close single tab
   Ctrl + Shift + E to close multiple tabs at once or as you like

List of frameworks available 

The following tables list the languages and frameworks available in the addon to search in Level 2 and Level 3.
PHP Python Java CSS Javascript Ruby Action Script Cold Fusion Perl
Agavi Django Spring Elements Sproutcore Camping Fixel Blackbox Cpan
Akelos Twisted Web Click Yaml Dojo Grape Wrapper CfObject Mojolicious
Atk Pyramid Sing Yui Qooxdoo Iowa Casa Farcry Poe
CakePHP Cherrypy Struts Blueprint Sarissa Merb PureMvc Homeportal Catalyst
CodeIgniter Werkzeug Tapestry Clevercss Cpaint Padrino Gala Mach ii Jifty
Cough PHP Web2py Jsf Galleria Direct Web Remoting Rails Flare Coldbox Cgi::Application
Ez components Web.py Itsnat Grid 960 Ajax.net Ramaze Fint Cfwheels Webgui
Horde Flask Wicket Jquery Ajaxtoolkit Renee Jumpship Coop Gantry
Jelix Gork Appfuse Bluetrip Spry Serverside BaseUi
Kohana Pylons Grails Emastic Taconite Sinatra
Konstrukt Turbogears Jspx Baselinecss Tapestry C++ Objective C Lisp Lua
Openbiz Zope Jvx Lovelycss Zephyr Wt Cocoa Lift Tir
Trax Pylatte SeamFramework 1Kb Javascriptmvc CppCMS Gdata Dotlisp Orbit
Devshell Webware Openlazlo Oocs Visual WebGui Ffead Parsekit Weblocks Luakit
Phocoa Webcore Form Engine 52 Framework ThinWire Treefrog Restkit Clack
Peanuts Webapp2 Stripes EasyFramework Google Web Toolkit Ada SmallTalk Eiffel
Pluf Tornado Zkoss Floatz MooTools AUnit Adiaweb Eiffelworld
Prado Tipfy Play Primary jQuery Aven Seaside Eros
Qcodo Nagare Google Web Toolkit Formee Prototype
Cubed Glashammer Ztemplates LessFramework Yui
Silverstripe GAE Rifers RmsForms Sencha
Seagull Enamel OpenXava Xcss Ampledesk
Solar Vaadin Dhx

Other Technologies

  • Android
  • Ant
  • Apache
  • AppleScript
  • Assembly
  • C
  • C#
  • Cobol
  • Delphi Pascal
  • Erlang
  • Fotran
  • Html
  • Mathematica
  • Matlab
  • Prolog
  • Scheme
  • SQL
  • Tcl
  • Unix
  • XML Schema
  • XSLT/Xpath
  • VB.NET


Early Adopters and Feedback
Arun Shanker Prasad, QBurst Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Dhaneesh Devasia, QBurst Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Renjith T Valsa, QBurst Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Muneeb Rahim , NeST Pvt Ltd.
Remya P Vava, QBurst Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Ajith Kumar, QBurst Technologies Pvt Ltd.